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Super Street AMX
The Performance American Style Story
Super Street AMX

Randy Guynn founded Performance American Style on the principle that it's not impossible to build superior reproduction and high performance parts for American Motors vehicles for a reasonible price and get it right the first time.

At P.A.S. every effort it made to fabricate and provide parts which fit right the first time. If you've been stuck with some of the ill fitting or low quality aftermarket parts circulating out there, you've probably wondered why they just can't quite get it right!

You've worked hard to build the best American Motors automobile that you possibly can. Doesn't it deserve the BEST performance parts? Why settle for cheap reproductions or modified parts from Chevy, Ford, or Mopar?

You want own a classic AMERICAN with that STYLE only AMC could give. Now, you can UPGRADE that beauty with the quality performance parts it deserves!!!

At Performance American Style, every effort is made to fabricate parts which fit right the first time. The Guynn's have been involved with AMC cars since 1971. They know that just because there aren't as many people driving and racing American Motors cars as there are Chevys, Fords, and Mopars, that's no excuse for producing second rate parts. As a restorer and racer of American Motors cars, P.A.S. also knows the value of getting it right the first time. Performance American Style doesn't just sell the same old laundry list of "sort of fits with a little modification" parts that many of the OTHER vendors do. Performance American Style sees to it that the parts it carries fit CORRECTLY and if any modifications are necessary you are told up front. You get the right part at the right price! On top of all that, shipping for the continental United States is always included in the extra charge, no hidden costs.

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